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Jury Duty
5:40 p.m. - 2006-03-04

Felt weird and tired yesterday, but what the heck, it was Friday. I made a casserole of scalloped potatoes and ham, but when he came home it was still baking so we decided to get hamburgers and save the casserole for the next day. So today I just have to heat up the dinner. A small thing, but nice. I bought some broccoli at Costco and steamed myself some for lunch, and somehow it made the whole house smell just ghastly. In defense, I pulled some beef stew meat out of the freezer, sauteed a lot of onions, threw the beef in and presto, a really good house deodorizer. So we may invite the grands over for lunch after church tomorrow and have beef in gravy over rice.

Today was the library book sale. I went in the morning and picked up lots of books for the girls, and then again for the $3-a-bag sale at the end of the day. Abby asked me to find her some Georgette Heyer books, but those are really rare to find so I didn't have much hope for that. But what do you know, I got at least 6 of them! We are already packing up some of the books to send off.

It was supposed to rain all this week, but on the whole, it has been lovely. I sent off my seed order, so should be soon starting up my plants for this year.

I got a notice for jury duty! I have always had an excuse before, but all the babies are grown up now, so I have no reason not to do it. I was supposed to appear in April, but I was worried about getting stuck in some horrid trial that lasted for months, which would be just my luck. I decided to ask for a postponement until after Abby's graduation, so that should take care of that. I dread being on jury duty because it is bound to be boring beyond all belief. I have sat in on trials before, and they can make even murder boring. Somehow, when we visited a courtroom in high school, I expected it to be like Perry Mason, with drama and plot, but no, I nearly expired from the crushing boredom.

Tonight I plan to watch my Japanese shows and knit on the second sleeve of the cornmeal cardigan.

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