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1:23 p.m. - 2006-03-19

Went to church and nobody mentioned the pastor leaving at Easter, not a single hint of it. Anyway, hold on to your hats, girls, I have news. David, of the Sam, David and Peter Egyptian family, is engaged to the older Gung-ho-family girl! As Grandpa said "I didn't have a clue that was in the works!". And after years of their being at church, I finally found out that the older girl is named Rachel. Granted, she is nowhere near as smirky and annoying as the younger girl, and I wish them well. EG says she is training to be a nurse.

Absolutely beyond belief gorgeous day today. So much so that he decided not to go into the office, but to stay home and putter in the yard. After years of battling the ivy forest on the back fence, we finally have a new neighbor who is hacking at it from his side. He has so decimated the ivy that I now have to be sure our bathroom curtains are drawn, since their back window, though far away, looks right into our master bath window. I hope that is not why he is cutting the ivy.

Well, I am not going to waste any more day sitting in front of the computer, so off I go to knit.

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