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Good Saturday
1:47 p.m. - 2006-04-15

Well, this week at work was interesting. Let me just say that it is not a good thing to knock over a cup of very hot water onto a pile of legal documents. This leads to fast scrambling and heroic efforts to save irreplaceable items, and even faster efforts to disguise the accident from everyone else in the office. I was successful and all is well, but I will never have liquids at my desk again.

Another coincidental thing happened to me this week. I went to the Crown Books Liquidation Center on my lunch hour one day, and I was looking at a nice copy of Jane Austen's Persuasion. I didn't buy it, but it reminded me to think of the story. Then, the very next morning I had some docs on my desk and the party of the first part was named 'Walter Elliott'.

Easter has snuck up on me. EG left a message on the phone to tell me that I am to bring a hot vegetable. He wants me to do something with cauliflower, so I guess I will make a cauliflower gratin, which is a fancy way of saying creamed cauliflower with cheese on the top. Easter arriving on tax weekend, how cruel is that? He is in the office now, but I do believe the worst is behind him. He says the last week was pretty stressful.

I was reading a new knitting blog, and the knitting guy made a comment about going to the Kinokuniya book store in San Jose to buy knitting mags, so I decided to give the place another try. The last time I was there was during the bust in Japan, so they had no knitting mags. The blog guy said he bought some there, and the entry was last fall, so I jumped into the car this morning and drove there. Yes indeedy, they had knitting mags. I got two ZaZa's and three other knitting mags, and in addition, I bought some truly fabulous erasers which look like ice cream cones and pastry, and some penguin paper holders, both of which are for Jellie's approaching birthday.
I also got her a book on Cats Gone Wrong, but I had to go through it and cut out the risque pages, of which there were very few. I looked at a lot of Japanese magazines, and their production values are very high, all the magazines are just beautiful. I almost forgot, I found a whole section of truly weird mags called 'Lolitta' fashion etc, and they seemed to be aimed at the Japanese Goth population, or the equivalent - cutesy girl, gothy, S&M sort of stuff, in a fashion sort of way. Very 80's looking, and funny as heck. If you bust out laughing in a Japanese store, the people look at you.

On the way home, I found the new location of the knitting machine store, and I got a few items, including a book that describes how to do neckline treatments. After this splurge, I was poor so had to come home.

The storm that is supposed to hit us this weekend is holding off, so I am trying to do the laundry while I can. Then I think I will do some more knitting because tomorrow will be taken up with Easter stuff. I am tired already.

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