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Pipes and Erasers
5:52 p.m. - 2006-04-26

I was having a nervous kind of week. I am always nervous after a plumber visit, waiting to see if the pipes are going to explode in protest, but all is well. There is something about the possibility of Abby coming home that makes plumbing fall apart in advance. One year the toilet needed to be reseated, the next year the water heater died, but this year only the new pipes over the water heater were strangely leaking, even though they have only been there about 1 1/2 years. I think it may have been the recent earthquake, but who knows. All better now.

I am pleased to say that Jellie really liked the presents I got her for her 13th birthday. I got her a funny book of cat pictures and some items from the Japanese store, including some really fantastic pastry-shaped erasers, which, when we went over for birthday cake on Sunday evening, she had fun showing to me,demonstrating to all that the erasers come apart into all their separate little bits, creating even more teen fun. Joel showed us the new kitchen again, and may I say, Jane is a lucky woman. Cherrywood cabinets, granite countertops, wood laminate floor, ah, a thing of beauty.

Now I have to try and clean up the girls' room before Abby gets here, which means I have to find places for all the stuff I put in there. At least I did not set up one of the knitting machines in there, though as soon as she goes back for her internship, I will.

I finished a sweater last week, only have to sew on the buttons. This is good, but unfortunately, it turns out that I do not look very good in raglan sleeves. I guess I will have to stay with the more tailored set-in-sleeves, to avoid looking like a stooped over old hunchback. Well, that was a little harsh, but now I have to decide whether I should give it to Auntie M, who has wonder shoulders for these sweaters, or save it to use in the cold winter when any sweater will do for puttering around the house.

Time to go see Jason.

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