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Spring Sunday
3:12 p.m. - 2006-04-30

I met the new neighbors. The older guy is very nice, and his partner is a much younger Asian. I was hoping they were a settled couple because I just like everybody to be settled and happy, even though I know life is just not always like that. Well, a settled couple they may turn out to be, but the older guy called the other guy "his roomie". Maybe they are afraid of ruffling feathers in suburbia. But anyway, they seem very nice, so things are looking up. I just wish I was better at remembering names, because though we introduced ourselves and chatted a bit, I immediately forgot their names.

Church was fabulous for a change. We had a visiting speaker from the district office, and he was extremely good. The time just flew by. After church I talked for awhile with EG, but what I was really doing was putting off the time of the big room clean out. I can speak of it now, because it is over. My splendid husband helped me with the sheets on the bunkbed and volunteered to dust and vacuum. How great is that.

I still have to make the angelfood cake, but I think I will wait until it cools off a bit, because it is quite warm today. I was out watering my flowers and got an unexpected gift: my poor little geranium is blooming! It is a beautiful, glowing hot pink color, bordering on fuschia. In addition, the plant, which was accidentally started when a branch of the plant out back got smooshed into the ground, now shows signs of vigor and growth. My snapdragons are blooming out front, and the roses are coming on. When you go places now, you can smell the orange blossoms, and you can see great bushes of lilacs in yards here and there.

I have no idea what I am making for dinner, but I doubt we will starve. I can usually think of something. Oh, here is something I tried that is quite good: I have a baked chicken and wanted to make a chicken sandwich. I usually have lots of pesto in the freezer from my summer crop of basil, so I got some out, took out about a tablespoon of it and mixed it with some mayonnaise. Very very good on a chicken sandwich. Not an original idea, but tasty nonetheless.

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