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Vacation From Hell
10:07 a.m. - 2006-05-10

I am so glad that my husband wanted to come back early from the trip to Abby's graduation because I am going to need every available moment to recover. Wouldn't you know that right before I have to go somewhere, the news stations would all have lurid reports on the spread of bedbugs in even nice hotels. So that was on my mind, in addition to being afraid of flying, which I admit is a failing of mine. For once, the flight was actually not bad, and since we did not have to change planes anywhere, I only had one takeoff and one landing to survive on the way out. The flight was smooth and comfortable and I was able to sit on the isle. The restroom was always empty when I went back there, and we did not crash. What more can you ask for?

Unfortunately, it was all downhill from there, except for the actual graduation and seeing my girls. I will not go into a litany of horrors, but by the time we took the in-laws to their other hotel on Sunday, so that they could catch a plane to Massachusetts the next morning, I was ready to expire from the stress of it all. I find it very very tiring to be sweet and nice when I really want to fall apart and run screaming into the woods.

I will tell one thing, though. One night we went to a lovely Italian restaurant, then back to the hotel. I woke up in the night, and on looking at myself in the mirror I saw that I was covered with about a dozen welts or bite marks just like the ones in the bedbug story on TV. Needless to say, I freaked and went to look my bed over even more closely that I did when I checked into the room. But there was nothing, absolutely nothing. Then, while my stress level was rising through the roof, I remembered the time I had splashed lemon juice on myself this spring and had identical welts the next morning which disappeared in 24 hours. I realized that these new welts were in exactly the same places as before, and then I remembered the strip of orange peel on the Italian dessert I ate last night. So, when they all disappeared in 24 hours and no new bites appeared, I was able to relax and realize it was an allergy thing. But that was not fun.

Now we are back home and I am taking it easy. The spouse went to the doctor and found out he has a viral skin infection and the doctor in Georgia was correct in diagnosis and treatment. In addition, I had primed him to ask for some kind of pain meds for sleeping at night, since he has a pulled muscle in the shoulder (unrelated to skin condition, says the doc) and hasn't slept well in a month. The doctor gave him those Motrin horse-sized 800 mg pills that are sooooo wonderful. He took one last night and had the best night's sleep in over a month, so things are looking up. Nothing like medical worries while you are 3000 miles from home to make your vacation special.

Today I have laundry and shopping to do, but then I am going to get a ton of videos from the library and rest myself for the remaining 5 days I have off. Somewhere in there I have to start the seeds, but mostly I am going to try to rest and forget the trip, except for the graduation part.

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