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New Arrivals
7:20 a.m. - 2006-05-30

We have had an unequal situation in the girls' room because the bunk beds have one really good mattress and one really lame mattress. This results in mattress switching whenever one or the other girl comes home for holidays. Yesterday he saw a sale advertised and went down and bought another twin mattress, so now equality reigns. Unfortunately, while moving my portable clothes rack to put the new mattress on the bed, the whole crummy thing collapsed, the plastic bottom part cracking. I went to K-Mart to buy a new one, but all they had was a Martha Stewart one that promised 'all steel construction' or something like that. When I got it home and put it together, it turns out the the most important cross bars are of plastic that bow out when you hang clothes on it. Now that's what I get for buying a product marketed by an ex-felon.

All is not lost however, because the MS thing has a vinyl cover so I am going to use it as a small greenhouse on the deck. He suggested that we go right over to the Container Store and get another rack, which we did. They had a commercial clothes rack all metal that I love, love, love. Big wheels too. It is the kind they wheel down the streets of the garment district in NY. It is now all set up and loaded with two tons of garments, and not flinching at all.

Today I pick up the new rototiller from Sears, hopefully.

The new neighbor came over and introduced himself to the spouse, bringing a plate of cookies he made himself. I was out to the K-Mart at the time, making an ill-advised Martha Stewart purchase. The spouse and I laughed about this afterward, since traditionally the established neighbors are suppposed to take the cookies over to the new neighbors, but what the heck. I am telling the spouse that it is all good: the guy cooks, he doesn't have a motorcycle to ride around the yard, doesn't seem to be a drug dealer, his dogs are silent, and he mows his lawn, plus is a nice guy. Can't ask for more, I think.

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