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A Brighter World
8:00 a.m. - 2006-06-10

We did manage to get the rototiller started last week, and tilled up the back 40 (that's what we call that patch of sunny ground behind the little orange tree), the center bed, and one of the 4X8 beds. The cuks are all planted out and look great a week later, and I set out some sugar snaps and the basil. This weekend we will till several other beds and get the beans and onions planted and lots of flowers. We were so exhausted after all that work that we just had sandwiches for supper and watched TV.

I had my employee evaluation at work, and though I appear to be average in everything, the boss did say that she enjoyed working with me and that I was "a hoot". No one has ever said that about me before, I always thought of myself as shy and boring. I guess the family traits are difficult to squelch, and there is no doubt that we are an extended family of accomplished hoots. My boss also apologized for the fact that I have to sit way across the vast plant map room from the rest of the recording department, and I said "That's OK" not giving away the pleasure I have in being off in a corner by myself, able to goof off if desired. Not that I do, mind you (har har).

Things seem to be falling into place for the move back to California for daughter #1. I am not having to deal with it, since he is on the case, but the movers and the storage place have been taken care of, and Jason is very much looking forward to it. Speaking of the Great Jasoni, his new temperpedic bed has been delivered and is a big success. He is finding that he has a lot less joint pain and is sleeping much better. Even the free pillow they threw into the deal is curing what he thought was arthritis in his neck. In addition, he has mellowed to the Netflix we gave him for his birthday and is always full of news about the films he has watched or ordered. So I pat myself on the back for that idea, though he did moan and groan about it at first, I guess he just had to get used to a new thing.

I have become interested in the old Peter Wimsey Masterpiece Theater programs. I avoided them at the time they were on, but I got one at the library and they are actually very good. I put holds on most of them and only have one more to watch. At first I found the English hero a bit fey, especially the Edward Petherbrige version, but after you watch them for awhile, that wears off. Something about the monocle and the primped hair, but that was just the culture, 1930's upperclass British, don't you know.

We found great amusement this week in the media reaction to the well-deserved death of the terrorist in Iraq. All the concern about whether or not he received proper first aid (after we dropped a bomb on him, no less), well, you just got to love it. Why is it that so many in the modern world lack an ability to recognize evil when they see it, or even to understand the concept of true evil. They should read more Agatha Christie, whose books teach good lessons on this subject.

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