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The Prodigal Daughter
11:38 a.m. - 2006-07-01

The hot weather has calmed down a bit and the fog is coming in at night, so life is better. The cucumbers have put on a growth spurt resulting in the harvest of the first specimen. We will eat it tonight when he comes home from 5 days on the road. He flew out to Texas to help the #1 daughter move out of her apartment. The movers took most of the stuff, but according to the spouse, the car is packed to the gills. They are making good time, quite unusual for him, and instead of arriving tomorrow night, I expect them today sometime. Of course, I was putting all the work off until the last minute, so the call about their imminent arrival caused me to scurry around making the bed and cleaning up. I still have to go to the store and buy some chicken for Pappy's chicken, but on the whole, I have done a lot of work and it isn't even noon yet. I watered the garden and yard, did 4 loads of laundry, put away all the dry laundry (and it had been mounting up for a week), made up the beds in the girls' room, and hooked the new tension clips onto the shade cloth over the back deck. After the grocery shopping, I plan to collapse in front of the fan and do some knitting. And eat ice cream.

My garden looks so nice this year. I have two beds of beans, one of winter squash, one of basil and peas, one of beets and onions, and the center bed of flowers, cuks and multiplier onions, with a dabble of squash and tomato. I am planting more seed cubes every week, only now I am starting perennial flowers to stick around the yard.

I have been going through a dry spell for sewing and knitting, I don't exactly know why. Maybe the heat made me lethargic, but I am determined to start something today. I have been reading though and just finished a book called "Spook", a Nameless detective story. It was pretty good, and the author lives around here somewhere so the locale is recognizable. One of his books even mentioned Lafayette, and who besides the locals has ever heard of that town?

I guess I better quit goofing off and go finish up my work.

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