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Week Of The Fourth
6:32 a.m. - 2006-07-08

Another week of work, another 50 cents. The boss was gone all week which is relaxing, and no big scary hassles came my way. I finished the back of the Must Have Cardigan after slogging my way through the Armholes-That-Wouldn't-Die. I just have to put the stitches onto the holding yarns and then I will start the sleeves. I also need to start a carry-around project, so perhaps I will dig out my sock yarn or start another afghan. Melissa and I have been making jewelry, and I finally used some of the Natural Touch resin beads in a citrusy looking necklace.

On the Fourth of July we puttered around the yard, including a scary venture up the BIG ladder, which he leaned up against the side fence and the trees that grow there. He then stood at the bottom while I climbed up the very shaky edifice to saw off a branch or two. The ladder and the tree shook like crazy while I was sawing, and the new neighbor was watching us from his screened porch to see if I would fall or not. The garden is looking very good in the back, but a bit skaggy in the front, so I have a little work to do this weekend.

We went to the fireworks as usual, and were joined by the Joels. It was really freezing this year with the fog breeze rolling in as the sun set. The fireworks were very good with at least three good volleys in addition to all the singles. After the first volley, we all thought that the show was over, but it went on for about 15 more minutes. The wind was causing the embers to drift about alarmingly, and several of the works went off very low right overhead, which just adds an enjoyable element of danger to the whole thing.

This weekend is going to include a viewing of the new pirate movie. In other movie news, we had missed the weekend showing of Broken Trail with Robert Duvall, but my dad was keeping watch so he told us it was being rebroadcast on Thursday. We recorded it and watched it over two nights, and it is excellent. I can see how my father liked it, because in addition to the old Western characters like people he grew up with, there is even a little fishing in the story. And horses and shooting, so what's not to like?

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