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Saturday Musings
5:00 p.m. - 2006-07-15

Another bland week winds to an end. The only exciting things that happened were the following:

1. On Sunday we saw the pirate movie and I was ticked that it is a 'middle' movie like Empire Strikes Back. Now I have to wait years, years I tell you, to find out what happened. Phooey.

2. On Wednesday Jason took me out back to see the tomato plants I gave to him, and I tripped over one of the many pieces of cr...I mean stuff, that he has on the ground out there. I landed hard, scaring him mightily because it brought back a flashback to when my mom was sick and fell from time to time, but I hopped back up and was fine until the next day. Oh my, did I ever have a sore back the next day. All better now though.

3. January called to ask me for my mom's potato salad recipe, so I told her it was in the cookbook I wrote some years ago that she surely has a copy of, and yes, she did.

4. I ordered some books from Amazon, and the site had a conniption fit as usual and crashed my computer, but when I logged back on, all was well.

5. I started the left front of my Must Have Cardigan.

6. I put the new 'miracle of modern science' bed pad on the bed, and it is indeed very nice.

7. I picked a million cucumbers and took them to work, where the people fell upon them and decimated the supply until none were left. Well, actually, three rather deformed ones were left, but I stuck them in Meldina's bag when she wasn't looking.

8. He finally called the furniture store to see why the couches we ordered in February are not here yet, and they told us we are the victims of Hurricane Katrina, just as I thought, and we have to wait until the mill gets up and going again. Bummer.

9. They moved Cash Cab to 5:00 so now I can't see it at all, because by the time I remember, it is too late.

10. Melissa moved out and back to her youth. Must be a very deja vu experience, I tell you what.

Time to finish making the bed and then my Japanese shows. And a question: why is it that every show I have ever watched on PBS that pretends to be about Japanese history, always focuses on the Hideyoshi, Nobunaga, Ieyasu era? Surely other things must have happened in their many thousand year history.

I feel like ice cream for dinner, but Melissa and I are supposed to be eating better for a more healthy lifestyle. Where are my Cheetos?

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