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2:08 p.m. - 2006-09-13

A year or two ago I made a blue pullover for Abby. I still have the leftover yarn, Lion Baby Soft, color Bluebell. I noticed on reading the label that the composition of this yarn, which comes in a 5 oz ball for about $3, is the same as for Bernat Sox, which comes in a much smaller ball (1.75 oz.) for about $3.50. It is 60 % acrylic and 40% nylon. Clearly, Baby Soft is a bargain. I can get almost two pairs of socks out of one ball, and I use woolynylon in the heels. I am getting quite swift at making the socks on the knitting machine, and after much practice have perfected my flat seam technique. Most of the socks I have knit have been taken off the machine, seamed, then, using DP needles, I knit the ribbing on the top by hand in the round. This week, for variety, I am using a provisional cast on, knitting the ribbing by hand on straight needles, hanging the knitting on the machine, knitting the sock, seaming it by hand, then finishing the sock with a crochet bindoff at the top, which is muy easy and very stretchy.

I am still on a sock knitting jag, but I can feel the impetus waning, and the other day I even knit on the Must Have Cardigan a little. I also feel the call to get back to making pendants out of clay. I think I am really waiting for the weather to cool down again, because I don't like to go outside and buff my clay pieces when it is 100 degrees out there.

Next week is Grandpa's birthday and he will be 84. We are cooking up a plan to take a cake over there on the evening of his birthday, and we are taking the EG's for a drive soon up to Sebastopol to get some more apples and melons. I should be thinking of a picnic lunch to take with us, and maybe we can actually get that table out of the back of the car, the secret folded up table in the back of CRV's. We have never even used it. All we need are a few folding chairs, a picnic lunch, and off we go.

Right now I am off to get a step ladder and climb up into the high reaches of the sewing room, looking in the storage bags for another ball of the blue yarn, since I am only one toe away from another pair of socks.

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