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Wine Country Trek
9:22 a.m. - 2006-09-24

Took the EG's out for a drive yesterday. We went up to Sebastopol, first heading toward the library. They were having a book sale, and Saturday was 'bag day' which means that you could fill a shopping bag with all the books you wanted for $5 a bag. Even Grandpa got a few books to put in our bag. I ended up finding one of the best cookbooks I have ever seen. It is a Farm Journal cookbook with the best recipes from all their other cookbooks. I read through it and recognized some of my favorites, but the entire book is full of good recipes, including a nice apple cake recipe I am going to try today and a recipe for baked pork chops and potatoes that I am making for Sunday dinner. Anyhow, after that we drove to Hales farm and bought cider, apples, and a big box of beautiful tomatoes. The weather was perfect and all the orchards and vineyards looked lovely. We had lunch in Healdsburg, then headed out to the farmstand on Westside Road. The lady was just unloading her truck, so the spouse helped with the boxes. She had many unusual kinds of melons, most I had never heard of, and since I am a person who reads seed catalogs, this was unusual too. He was overtaken with melon greed and bought about six kinds of melon. The farmstand lady gave us a bag of cherry tomatoes to thank him for the work.

Here's a funny little scene: at Hale's Farm, Mr. Hale was not there but there was a Hispanic couple manning the little store. Grandpa went right up to the girl and asked her her name, IN SPANISH!! Grandpa has unplumbed depths, I tell you.

We decided to get some dessert so stopped at a French bakery in Healdsburg, expecting the stuff to be the usual bakery dreck and highly priced, but the shortbread cookie with nuts that I got was totally excellent, obviously made with real butter, just excellent, and the bill for all the cookies we got was only $3. The hubster was stunned with happiness. Always good to find a good cheap bakery. We sort of lost Grandpa at this point because he went back into the bakery to buy a bag of biscotti.

Time to head to church. I will finish this up later.


It is now later.

Looks like the spouse may have a seminar in Palm Springs later this year so since I am not now gainfully employed, I get to go too. The firm pays for the hotel and his food, so how bad could this be? I have never been there before, but a town full of rich folks must have some shops worth looking at while he is learning how to be an even better whatever he is. Of course, he planned another getaway in Vegas for next month but changed his mind and we are not going, so I will not hold my breath in case the other trip falls through.

In church, my mind wandered over to my book of Redoute prints and I am wondering if I can maybe use them to spark some ideas for jewelry pendants. I wish I had a book of bird prints, maybe I can get one from the library. I am now finishing up the creamy/pinky socks for Melissa. The lace pattern is very easy to memorize and the sock is very lovely. I know I am a computer ignoramous and don't know how to put pictures on the diary, but perhaps I can get Melissa to put some up at her site when they are done.

The whole house smells like melons. What in the world am I going to do with six ripe melons? Nobody can eat that fast.

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