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Off On Another Tangent
9:01 a.m. - 2006-10-06

I cut out a shirt, hooray for me. I even found that turquoise linen tropical print shirt that I bought last year that was too wide at the sides, so I fixed that, and now it looks really presentable. I have also turned the collar on two of his shirts, so I guess you could say that I have finally started sewing.

I was very annoyed on Wednesday when I tried to record LOST and the VCR in the dining area did not work. It just worked the other day, so why is it that it conks right on the busiest TV night of the week? I had to skip watching Criminal Minds and watch the last half of LOST, so at least I saw some of it. I messed with the VCR and TV, reset the time and now it works fine. I know the lights were flickering over at Jason's on Wednesday, so the power probably caused the time to go off. Grrr.

I find it interesting that even though the new technological advancements are a boon in many ways, they also bring along a whole new set of aggravations that did not exist before. I suppose that cars were the same way, you had to worry about things with them that did not happen with a horse. But then a car cannot fall down and die like a horse, no wait, yes it can. Forget that.

There is a library book sale tonight! I am thinking of sneaking some books into the sale when the docents aren't looking. Just kidding,(maybe).

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