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Twice The Thumb It Used To Be
4:06 p.m. - 2006-10-06

I got stung by a bee!! Stupid, goll darned &*()%$#@!! bees! And just because I was sticking a branch into the hive to see if they were alive! This entry is not showing me to be a very intelligent person so I better go on to another subject, except to say that the sting on my thumb will probably not hinder my knitting much. I am a little down on nature at the moment.

Today I saw a clueless father in the line at the grocery store. Not only was he letting his daughter, who was about 4, stand up in the grocery cart in the checkout line, but she had a small unblownup balloon she was chewing on. I was watching her, just about to reach over and snag the thing before she choked to death, when she tried to put it back in the package, hanging on the rack nearby, that she had stolen it from, but dropped it on the floor instead. I told her not to chew things and then put them back in the package, and her dad looked at me but said nothing to me or her. Some parents only skate by on luck alone. Actually, we all skate by on luck, but some need it more than others. Idiot.

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