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Happy Birthday to Me!
12:23 p.m. - 2006-10-14

I am into the armhole on one front of the Must Have Cardigan. I just love the earthy orange color, and it will look great with gray slacks and blue jeans. I feel the urge to knit more socks creeping up on me, who would of thought that would happen so soon after my sock fest? Abby and Melissa could use some black socks so I should test out making some black lace socks on the knitting machine. I have also started sewing a new shirt, testing out a new pattern with princess seams and 3/4 sleeves. So far it only needs minor tweaking, but just to be safe, I did not sew on it on Friday the 13.

We went to the library book sale on Friday afternoon, and in spite of the date, I had great good luck. I found the one Ina Garten cookbook that I was thinking of buying, but of course it is a lot better to only pay $3 than $35. It was in perfect brand new condition. I also found a good cookbook for using Splenda, which I have been experimenting with because several people in the extended family now have diabetes. In addition, I got 6 or 7 bound volumes of Cook's Illustrated for Abby and a copy of Cook's Illustrated Quick Recipe. It was a good day at the book sale.

Today I am going to make a field trip out to the Winco and watch some DVD's and knit. And tonight is my birthday dinner at the old homestead. I am having a baked potato bar with cheese and bacon bits and sour cream. A total carb fest with some cholesterol thrown in for added enjoyment!

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