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Birthday Money
3:58 p.m. - 2006-10-16

My birthday dinner was very enjoyable. Auntie M was not able to be there because she had to work at the hospital, and January was called away to some training gig in Chicago, so Jason was worried about having too many potatoes and too much food. But we managed to eat most of it up. Big baked potatoes smothered in chili beans, cheddar cheese, bacon and sour cream are just wonderful. I could only eat one, though.

Earlier that afternoon we drove out to West County to deliver some documents, and stopped at the Winco on the way back. Melissa says the prices were about what she used to pay in Texas. For example, I pay about $2.60 to $3.59 for a 5 lb bag of bread flour in the regular supermarket, but at the Winco they had the same brand in a 10 lb size for 2.49, which as any mathematician will tell you, is less than half the usual price. We got a lot of varied items, including produce, and the spouse was beginning to feel the threat to his wallet, but his mood changed when the total bill for a cart full of food only came to $40. He was quite pleased.

On Sunday, I was planning to go to the JoAnns after church to splurge with my birthday money, which I got in a surprise card from the EG's. We had invited them over for Sunday lunch, but they declined because Grandpa has a bad cold. I am saving my Jason birthday money for the bead show in early November, so it was nice to have some cash to fritter away. Anyhow, I went to the JoAnns and bought some yarn, but when I looked in my purse for the birthday money, it was not there, and I was forced to write a check. I went home and scoured the house for my money, called the spouse to see if he had it, and felt like a fool for losing that much money in no time at all. Then I suddenly remembered that the EG's had not sent me cash, but they had sent a check, and the last time I saw the money was when I cashed the check. This memory caused me to look more closely in my checkbook and voila! There was my money. The net result of this is that today I went to another sale and bought more yarn. The amount of yarn waiting to be knitted into sweaters would daunt an ordinary person, but I have machines!

Today I was thinking about a nice pink knitted top I sewed for myself, and I have enought fabric to make a cardigan to go over it, making it into a twin set. With this in mind, I was rearranging some of the stuff in the sewing room so I could get into a bin of patterns when one of my older purses fell out of the pile of fabric. It felt rather bulky so I decided to go through the pockets and see what was there. I found two gift cards to Albertson's (a grocery store). These were bonus gifts from the late great employer that I never used. I called the number on the back of the cards to see if they were still good, and one was dead, but the other was worth $25! I was worried because the Albertson's chain has been going through financial troubles which caused them to close the stores in my town, so I wondered if there were any stores left where I could use the card. Using the same useful phone number, I found out that the store in the next town was still open, so I changed my plans for today to rush over there and spend my money. I bought ground sirloin and a few other items, coming within 35 cents of the total of the card. When I got home, I made a meatloaf for next Sunday dinner, then froze it, and a huge amount of meatballs, which are now frozen. I love found money!

The leaves are turning early this year. Last year they were not colored until after Thanksgiving, so it is nice to feel fallish already.

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