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October Morn
1:31 p.m. - 2006-10-23

Well, let's see, what the heck did I do over the weekend? Now that I am unemployed, the days kind of run together, but in a pleasant way. Oh, yes, I discovered that the washer is leaking from the front right corner, but otherwise works great. Is that a fatal condition for a washer of that great age? Only Rick knows, my most excellent repair guy, but he can't come out until Halloween day. Lucky for me I was up-to-date on the washing, so probably will only have to do a few loads at Jason's or the laundromat in the next 10 days.

In sweater news, I finished the left front of the Must Have Cardigan and have started the right front. Mostly, I have been making adjustments to my princess-seamed 3/4 length sleeve shirt. It fit great but my arm movement was impaired, not a good situation, so that meant adding a little to the upper back width. While I was doing this, Melissa came over to try on the apple green prototype, and lo, it fit her very well except for a few width adjustments here and there. So I will be able to make her some nice shirts for work, when that happens (all prayers gratefully accepted). She informs me that the 3/4 length sleeve I designed is "the perfect length" which I thought, too, but it is nice to be validated. I cut out two more shirts for myself, one a rich red old-fashioned 1800's print, and the other a honey-colored crinkled rayon that will look great with the faux Tibetan amber necklace I made earlier this year. Melissa and I went to the sale at JoAnn's and got two lengths of cotton for her shirts. All this is a nice change from knitting 1 1/2 dozen pairs of socks for the Abster. Though, I may just start up another pair of socks for walking around knitting, no wait, I still have a blue Regia sock to finish.

I have the Susana Trilling book, Seasons Of My Heart, about Oaxacan cooking, so decided yesterday to make something out of it. I made Calabazas Horneadas (baked squash with chiles, corn and cream) and I have to say, that stuff is gooooood! I also like Pollo Con Calabacitas Y Elote, and this has a similar taste, minus the pollo, of course. So now I will have to try some more of her recipes, which seem quite easy to put together, since she is a cooking teacher in Oaxaca and is used to telling people what to do.

Some creature, probably a witless raccoon, dug up the bee hive this weekend, leaving bits of comb or whatever you call it, on the lawn. This greatly cheered the spouse, who now has a better opinion of nature, so he went out to stick a pitchfork into the hive. This led to running back into the house, as all the ground bees are not kaput, but at least the access is better. I think I am going to go out and give them a quick spritz with the not-so-humane killer spray he bought, though it is sort of organic. The can says "Poison Free, Nature's neurotoxin for Wasps and Hornets!!" These are not honeybees, so somehow I don't feel so bad bumping them off, and besides, they stung me.

I made a big pot of posole so am all set for dinner and can go back to sewing.

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