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Sewing Jag
9:21 a.m. - 2006-11-14

We had fun at the bead show. I have never gone on a jaunt with Jane before, but she is good company and does not squeal in dismay at my driving ability, so she gets my vote. Melissa and I, and Jellie and Jane, drove into Oakland following the Map Quest directions, and parked in the garage for the Marriott. The quilty ladies used to tell me that the garage there was of questionable safety, but we had no problems. After we parked, some little Asian lady driver across the isle from our car was trying to park and totally crunched the car next to her, so that was exciting. The parking spaces were very narrow. The ladies who were parked next to us decided to move their car, after seeing the disaster across the isle, so I was kidding around with them and told them not to hit my car. We ran into each other again in the line for tickets and I asked them if they had hit my car, but they laughed and said no. There was quite a crowd there, since it was a Saturday. I was admiring the beads at a booth that sold gold beads and silver beads from India, I think, but there were no prices on anything. The lady there said that they sold everything by the gram, so I decided to, for once in my life, buy some really nice, top quality stuff. I just picked out about 10 silver beads and 6 gold beads, and a few little ones, and whammo, the bill was $31!! I guess a gram is a lot less than I thought. I just chaulk that up to a life experience.

Melissa has already made up some necklaces with the beads she got, but I am busy sewing. I made a blouse for Melissa and a few more for me, and now have three more cut out to work on. Yesterday I cut out a black and white check shirt for M, ironed on the interfacing, then went on to other things. Today I was up early, so I already have it all sewed together, with only the triming and finishing of the collar unit and the hem and buttons to do. Somehow I have overcome my procrastination problem when it comes to sewing and can crank out a garment in record time.

I try to listen to books-on-tape while I sew, but this morning I started a tape that turned out to be about the spirit of Lizzie Borden inhabiting a guy who goes on to whack and slash the town to pieces. No thank you, I have better things to do than listen to that. Besides, at the time, most people thought Lizzie was innocent and she was acquitted.

The Fake Thanksgiving on Saturday night caused me to ponder the fate of daughters- and sisters-in law. As an in-law, I have always known that my status was low, low, low. I am not the rich sister-in-law, so am of not much interest or importance. This Saturday, in over three hours of conversation, no one asked me anything about my life or what I was doing now that I am involuntarily retired. This is, of course, very relaxing, but it made me examine the way my own family treats the sisters-in-law, so I am going to make even more effort to engage them in conversation and be inclusive. It is too easy to fall into conversation with your own sisters and brothers and forget the appendages. I don't think we are too bad though, and we are lucky in that the sisters-in-law are interesting people.

There was a lot of food left over after the FT, so I have packaged up the meat for maybe half a dozen future dinners. I have also remembered that there is some pepperoni in the fridge, so maybe pizza is on the menu for tonight.

Back to the sewing machine.

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