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Laundry Day
3:52 p.m. - 2006-11-28

The weather has taken a turn to the frigid, California Style, which means it is in the high 30's at night. Lucky for us, we have flannel sheets and the comforter that Abby made, so we suffer not. Inside where it is warm, I finished the pumpkin-colored shirt for Melissa, and during TV viewing times, I am knitting away on the other front of the Must-Have Cardigan.

I have put the various Thanksgivings behind me, but for some reason I am not feeling Christmasy this year. Maybe it is because of the revisions the EG's have made to the Christmas on that side of the family (his) which make it not Christmas anymore, since THEY decided there will be no gifts for the grownups. I hate this development, and I hate having to get gifts for the kids who aren't even obligated to give a card in return. Taking into consideration that these kids are in their twenties, I feel that the pleasures of giving are being denied to them, and they are only learning to be selfish and grasping. Plus, I like getting presents myself and now I won't. So the richer sibs may have decided that they have enough stuffola, but I don't, and I want more stuff! How's that for Christmas spirit!?

I have been watching DVD's of the Alleyn Mysteries which I got from the library. How did I miss these when they were on PBS? I had never heard of them before and they are very good. The hero is very cute too.

We took Abby to the airport on Sunday morning, and about 30 seconds after we go back to the house, the power went out. We knew it could not be a blown fuse since we had just come in the door and nothing was on. Standard behavior for the neighborhood is to step outside the house and look up and down the block, trying to see if there are lights on in any other houses. The net effect is that you see the other people coming out onto their porches so you know it is not just your house. After that, you call PG&E and settle down to the long powerless wait. Lucky for us, we have gas heat so at least we were not freezing. He knew I was tired so he went off to church and I stayed home to monitor the power situation. There were no lights in the house on that grey day, so I just went into the dining area and worked on a pattern alteration in the light from the french doors. The power was out over two hours, but I got a lot done and didn't even notice when they came on again.

Time to go do ever more laundry.

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