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Paper Skulls
10:02 a.m. - 2006-12-15

All righty now, I am watching the novela, Moment in Peking, and we have come to the episode when Cao Lihui is supposed to die. Now how does she die, I am wondering, since the somewhat evil Zeng family has taken away her baby and she is distraught. She threatens to kill herself on their doorstep, so, I am thinking, will she stab herself ala Seppuku? She goes to the family compound, and when they won't let her in, she runs up to the stone gatepost by the front door and bangs her head against it once (like an angry two-year-old) gets blood on her forehead and falls down dead. I can only say, what is up with THAT??

The grey and depressing weather continues, but within the confines of the house it is warm and cozy. I spent all day yesterday sewing on a Christmas present, and though it had 4 parts to it, I finished them all so was proud but tired. Also dashed out to finish up the Christmas shopping. My cookbooks still languish in the storage compartment miles away, but perhaps we can set the shelves up this weekend. Jason has called to say that instead of the usual cold cuts and rolls, Christmas Eve dinner will be the traditional potato soup, but also taquitos and guac. What is not to like about that? Maybe I will make some tortillas and chili rellenos, and of course, Abby will bring some cookies.

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