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New Year Activities
9:04 a.m. - 2007-01-06

Another entry in my list of PBS series that I ignored at the time or never heard of: A Touch Of Frost. I got some out of the library and they are pretty good. They star that David Jason who was in Darling Buds of May, and since I like him, I enjoy this series. I have ordered the other DVDs from the library so have that to look forward to.

Abby's visit from college is coming to an end. While she was here she managed to cram in a lot of fun activities, seeing old friends, shopping, cooking, sleeping, plus some job hunting stuff. Last night we had her goodbye dinner, and she chose Luna, my favorite Italian restaurant. I found it surprisingly easy to stay on the South Beach Diet while still eating out, choosing the salmon. My husband sat across from me eating the luscious carbonara, but I know that is full of fat so couldn't have that. Unfortunately for me and the happy avoidance of unpleasant facts, I once took some leftover carbonara to work and heated it up in the microwave. I was stunned to see the fat leach out of it and run off in positive rivers. Sigh.

We are having cold weather and sunshine this week. I have revved up the exercise routine so am feeling righteous about that. We feel that we are finally getting long put-off things done, like buying a new mattress, replacing the doors, getting the new couch, getting high-speed internet, etc. We had been keeping the internet thing secret from Melissa as a surprise. She has been nagging at us to get the Astound, since there is a new series coming on soon on the Sci-Fi network, which we previously did not receive. She knew that when she moves in here for a few months to save up money for her apartment that she would be stepping back to dial-up and basic cable, and she was not thrilled with the prospect. Abby and I found it hard to keep the secret, almost blabbing it out a few time, like "Oh I fixed the house vent from when the men were at the house....uh, I mean, there was a hole in one of the house vents and I fixed it" and "I was looking at a You-Tube thingy the other day..." (which the old dial-up did not allow us to do) but she did not catch on. She was at our computer last night checking out my new Sock Wizard program when I was telling her about the new sock pattern in Knitty. I reached over and clicked the mouse on the internet icon and she said "You aren't even logged on to the internet yet, Mom" in that voice that kids use to their brainless, clueless parents, but I just replied, "Oh yes I am!" She stared at the screen, then said "HEY!" So the secret is out.

I am finished with the felted clogs I was making for Auntie M. I had a hard time felting the black ones I made for Abby, but this time I tried something different: I stuck them into a bowl of hot water and agitated them by hand for awhile, giving them a good scrub, before putting them into a net bag and sticking them into the washer. It only took about three runs through the wash cycle to felt them up. And they didn't look like a giant fuzzball afterwards like the black ones. I hung them up in the hall downwind from the heater, so they dried up fairly quickly. Now they are ready for Jason to take up there the next time he goes up for a visit.

Now that I have those clogs out of the way, I have been working on the Must-Have Cardigan. I am almost done with the other front, then I am going to do the two sleeves at the same time. First I have to calculate how many rows I want in the sleeves, but that won't take long.

I also have the Sweater Wizard re-installed on the new computer, but still have to put the Print-A-Grid back in. I just love, love, love Print-A-Grid. I use it to switch one gauge to another in a newly designed sweater with tricky features, and I also use it for other graphing.

In other unrelated news, Melissa and I may make another jaunt up to the bead store in Sacramento, which is having a half off the strand sale. He will not be able to come with us, since he will probably be driving the folks to Pastor Merv's funeral in Oakland. I may also go back to Rumplestiltskin and get some more Lorna's Laces sock yarn. Time to make some more socks.

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