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Is It Spring Yet?
4:40 p.m. - 2007-01-31

Well, we looked in the storage compartment, which we expected to be mostly empty, but it was, in fact, packed to the gills with boxes. EG would like us to help go through the stuff, so that is being scheduled for about a week from now. There were also two nice white bookcases, an old tea cart for Abby, a china cabinet for Melissa, and some other things we could not see behind all the boxes. There were some nice wooden chairs that need spiffing up (mostly glue)and who knows what all in the boxes.

There is also a really nice revolving oak bookcase that Grandpa would like in his room. We volunteered to clean it up and haul it over there, and to clean up the massive pile of books he keeps by his side of the bed, a proven hazard to his life and limb. EG has asked us to move the rather large bookcase out of their hallway and put it in the bedroom, and move the smaller bookcase from the bedroom to the hall. Glad to do it.

I twanged my back this week, doing nothing but reaching into a cupboard, so I am taking it easy. Or trying to. This afternoon I was up on the stepladder getting down a cookbook, when I forgot what I was standing on, and thinking absentmindedly that I was on the small child's chair, I stepped back into space, only to find the floor much farther away than I thought. I fell gracelessly and landed right on my rump, missing the chairs and table and kitchen counter, all of which could have broken my neck. The sum total of my injuries is a bruise on my ring fingertip. I feel stupid but lucky. Didn't even hurt my back. In fact, it feels better.

I have turned the heel on the blue regia sock, so am in the home stretch on that one. I think that next, in between bouts with the Must Have, I will start a black lace sock. I have also moved the clothes rack out of the sewing room, where it was blocking access to the knitting machine, so I am going to start a set-in-sleeve cardigan with the rosy fuschia yarn. I have quite a few SIS cardigans drafted up from different sources, so I want to test them out to see which has the best sleeve cap, and I will end up with some nice cardigans as a result. I hope.

I have cardigans on my mind because the weather was so blasted cold this winter. He was totally shocked by the PG&E bill that came this week, forgetting that I am home now and do not choose to freeze. For the past five years I was in an office during the day and the heat was turned low at home while I was gone. So now I am supposed to try to hang most of the clothes on the line to save on the gas bill, and to watch the electricity use at home, which is reasonable and not too much to ask. Can't hang clothes though until the back is better.

I forgot to watch Veronica Mars last night.

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