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Crab Feed
3:39 p.m. - 2007-02-04

This week I have become interested in handbags again. A few years ago I was making them for the girls, but haven't really done anything like that for awhile. I went and got some of the upholstery samples that I had stored at Jason's house to look over for possible wallets and coin purses. Melissa liked some of the samples with monkeys on them, so I have finished a coin purse with two interior zippers for her, patterned after one I got at the ethnic store in Healdsburg. I am thinking of making myself some small backpacks to carry. I have been carrying a purse with a long strap across the chest and the purse at one hip, and since my back is acting up, I figure that this is not the ideal configuration for me. Both my sisters carry a backpack, one because the doctor told her to, so I now have two leather ones. I would like some more sporty ones too, and if I make them myself, they are free. I think the small backpack went out of fashion because they are getting hard to find, except for one $250 one I saw at Nordstroms, but I would rather spend my money at Stitches. I looked all over before I found one at Target, and one at Burlington Coat Factory. So I have a brown one and a black one, but wouldn't it be fun to have a summer one with reddish fabric samples and cream-colored canvas (all of which I have in my fabric stash).

We went to a crab feed last night. I have only been to these events in California so do not know if they have them other places, but they are used as fundraisers for various organizations. You buy a ticket for the event, then you are served a dinner of salad, bread, pasta and lots of boiled crab, which comes to your table in big buckets. You have to pick the crab meat out yourself, and dip it in sauce or butter. At this event, for the Rotary Club, they also had an auction, and the auctioneer was DM, the hubster's old friend from high school. It has been years since I saw DM in action, and everyone was remarking how good he was at the job. He does about 40 of these events a year. They auctioned off desserts, cakes donated by various bakeries and restaurants, and the usual price for a cake was $500 and up. The people who buy the cake usually split it with the people sitting at their table, but I was sitting at a table full of people with no disposable income, so we did not get cake for dessert. I enjoyed myself quite a bit, mainly because DM's wife was there and we had a nice chat. The host for the evening was some guy from the Channel 2 News, but I didn't recognize his name, so he must be on when I am watching something else. All this means that I actually did something social on a Saturday night. Will wonders never cease!

Today I am supposed to be roasting a chicken for Sunday Dinner, and since I haven't even started it yet, I better get busy.

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