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Mexican Boiled Beef Saturday
8:40 a.m. - 2007-02-10

I finished the purse, and it looks great. One of these days, Melissa is going to help me set up a place to post photos, so I can show my work. Anyhow, I used three decorator fabric samples in a decorator red orangey tone, two florals and a check. It is a square bag with zipper on the top, side panels, side pocket, and adjustable strap. The bag is seamed to the outside, then the seams are covered with bias that I cut from cream-colored canvas. Only broke one needle during construction. It will be a nice summer purse, and washable too.

I am still trudging through the lace border for the fuschia sweater. I cast on for the fronts and back so am working over 216 stitches, so a row takes forever. I have to copy the row directions onto a 3x5 card for easier reading. It has a picot hem and then the lace pattern (page 85 of Knitting On The Edge). I finished the Regia socks, and am contemplating starting a new pair. The Must Have has been set aside for reasons unknown.

I am strangely enjoying the Big Budget Adventure. It reminds me of the way my parents used to handle money. The hubster figured out how much money was to be alloted for food and sundries, and gave me the money in an envelope. I am supposed to carry the envelope around and use the money as I see fit, but to be sure and put the receipts into the envelope. I asked if I get to keep any extra money as a reward for excellent management, but got only a laugh as an answer, so I guess that translates as a "fat chance". Because really, I have so much food stored in the house now that I could keep most of the first two-week installment myself.

I have singlehandedly cured the mini-drought we were experiencing by starting a morning walking routine that was having a beneficial effect on my weight. The minute I really got into it, it started raining buckets and hasn't let up for days.

It is now time to go work at the EG's, rearranging their books and installing the new shelf, which I polished up for them yesterday.

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