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March Morning
9:19 a.m. - 2007-03-01

I finished the fuschia sweater, buttons sewn on and all. I put it on yesterday and the sleeves were too long, but when I turned the lace border up on the sleeves to see how they would look shorter, I realized that they would make good cuffs. I cut them off, and then, without unknitting them, reknitted the amputated border back onto the sleeve in a reverse position to make a lace cuff (so that the right side would show when they are turned back). Then I knitted on a plain stockinette binding and facing. It is a large sweater, and will be nifty on the cold winter days for puttering around the house. Now I need to find a pattern for a more tailored looking set-in-sleeve sweater, since I am a smaller person than previously. I have to hand it to the South Beach Diet, my weight continues to go down a bit every week without much thought or effort on my part. Even the occasional cheating doesn't seem to scuttle my efforts.

I have decided on a color scheme for my living room. I have a runner on the antique trunk that has Mexican colors of orange, red, yellow and acid green, and those will be my accent colors. The couch (which is a neutral golden tan color) came with extra cushions covered in a lame patchworky fabric, so I must recover the cushions in the new colors (maybe knit some covers), and I started a more zippy afghan. No doubt about it, he really uses the other afghan when he watches TV in the evenings. The new afghan will have a black border, varigated red-orange-yellow body, and an acid green center for each square. I made up the first square and it is beauteous. This will be the second afghan I have ever made.

I have been talking with my computer consultants (mostly Melissa) about getting another blog site so that I can post my knitting and sewing pictures. So this may be coming in the future. I need some kind of mannequin to put my garments on, and I remembered that back in the day, my brother Eric used to have an old headless torso in his room. I called my dad to see if it was still there, but alas, he said it left the house decades ago. It was a good idea, though. I would have painted it black. I will have to see what I can scrounge up.

Today I am going to use my Best Recipe cookbook to make Pasta e Fagioli, an Italian bean soup. Thursday is soup day.

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