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It's All About The Color
12:01 p.m. - 2007-03-15

Wouldn't you know it that I tried to start a new knitting blog over at Blogger the very day it had problems. I thought I was just incompetent, but no, they were lame. Melissa stopped by on the way home from work to help me upload pictures, something I had never done before, and she gave up in disgust. The next day, however, I was successful. Here's the new url:

I am also going to start a sewing blog, but haven't been able to work it yet. What do neophytes do without kids to help them? I have my own built-in tech help, and I pay her with an avocado or two.

I have been practicing with the camera, now that it is back from walkabout, trying different settings and modes. Now I can take pictures of foliage and flowers, and indoor shots, with and without flash. I am finding the whole blog-with-pictures thing very fun. Considering my total ineptitude at the present time, it can only improve as time goes on.

This week, I had the plumber out to fix the water heater, then the next day had the gas company out to see if the new part was OK. Everything went fine, and we are back in business with hot water for all. The weather has been sunny and beautiful, the trees are blooming, and the seed order is sent. After Stitches and the Bead Show, I am completely without funds, but am keeping busy with my enormous stashes. At Jason's last night, Jellie showed me a necklace she has already finished since the bead show, using the tree pendant from Green Girl Studios. The necklace was really attractive, so I feel we have corrupted her to the Dark Side and made a beader out of her. If she is this good at the age of 13, she should be really great by the time she is grown up. She needs a tote bag for her beading stuff though so I will have to look around and see what I have. Or else I could sew one.

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