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That Was Close
1:51 p.m. - 2007-04-04

My driver's license renewal is coming up in October, and if I keep my record clean until then, I will have an automatic renewal and will not have to take the test. So imagine my horror today when I got pulled over by the police!

I was driving down the nearby street, heading for the BART Station, when some lamebrain woman in a big red van swerved out from the curve just as I got even with her car, and I had to veer away sharply to avoid getting hit. She followed me down the street, and when I came to the stop sign, I worried about her rearending me, since she might be under the influence of who knows what. As a result of my fear, I got through the stop sign as fast as I could, though I did stop and look. So a motorcycle cop flagged me down and told me I should have waited until all the traffic had gone through, since I should have yielded. I told him my concerns about getting killed by Red Car Crazy, so he made me promise to be good in the future and let me off with no ticket. My lucky day! I figure I may have bent the law a little, but I did save the cop from having to clean up a messy collision site.

After that little adventure, I went to the machine-knitting store down in Dublin to get some weights and punchcard tabs to go with the knitting machines, and to ask if standard machines take a different size punchcard (they don't). I am going to deliver the machines to my sisters at my Dad's birthday party. Yesterday, I had called up the Knitting Machine Lady and gone back over there to get the punchcard punches for Auntie M and January and to get the standard machine for January. The KML was really anxious to get rid of the machine and let me have it for $140. It is a nice model, Elna EK 2400 just like the one I got for my daughter, and I remembered to get the manual, too.

I have been given my Easter food assignment. I am to make a salad. Really, salads are what I am worst at, but no sense advertising the fact to the family. I am also going to make rolls and deviled eggs.

Right now I am tired from all the police excitement, so I am going to go knit on the machine and listen to a book on tape.

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