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Jewel In The Palace
1:58 p.m. - 2007-04-13

My father introduced me to my newest favorite TV show - Dae Jang Geum. It is a Korean miniseries that was incredibly popular in the Asian countries. At one time close to 60% of all the population in the Asian countries was watching the show. It tells the story of a girl in the 1500's sent to the royal palace to be a cooking lady in the royal kitchens. The show, in addition to the soap opera romance and exciting story elements, has fascinating cooking sequences showing the way they cooked for the king, and telling us a lot about old Korean culture. If you are interested in reading about it, you can go here:

Easter was very nice this year.The day before Easter was Jason's birthday dinner, so I spent Saturday making stuff for that dinner(mashed potatoes for regular people, roasted new potatoes for January et al since it is Passover), going to Costco to buy stuff at Jason's request like a chocolate sheet cake, then cooking for Easter, rolls, deviled eggs, some Splenda oatmeal/blueberry cookies for Grandpa, salad etc. The EG's invited their neighbor, Dave, who is a very interesting and well-preserved guy about Grandpa's age. Grandma, instead of cooking her usual ham, made a retro recipe, ham loaf. It had ground up ham and was put together like a meatloaf and even had minced green peppers in it, but it was strangely delicious, even the spouse liked it, and I was not about to point out to him that it had peppers in it. At the end of the meal there was almost none left. We were all pleased.

Other than sitting around with my eyes glued to the TV, I have been knitting a lot and designing sweaters. I discovered that one of my previous designs fits Melissa perfectly, so I have been drafting up variations on a theme. I got some nice black yarn in worsted weight to try it out. The new version of the sweater has a deep V neck and 3/4 length sleeves. It really turned out well, so I will have to make one for myself too. Melissa is going to come by this afternoon and try it on.

I have also been thinking about sweaters to make for Abby. Right now, she is across the country at school so I don't have her measurements, but she will soon be entering a new phase of life, i.e. working for a living, so she will need new clothes that are more businesslike than the college wardrobe. One thing I would like to try for her is to test out my machine version of the Cabled Cardi from the Street Smarts booklet. Looking at all my retro pamphlets makes me want to knit her some cute little sweaters at a fine gauge.

I spent this week working in the garden every day, because the season is advancing and he has been too busy with tax season to do the usual chores. I have been pulling weeds and I even dug up a garden bed. Today I planted two geranium plants, because the frost this winter seemed to have killed my 10-year-old geranium in the back garden. Now that I have planted the new ones, I am glad I listened to him to wait before pulling out the "dead" one, because it is sending out new sprouts after looking dead for weeks. I also planted some lobelias and johnny-jump-ups.

I always love it when he mows the lawns for the first time in the spring. Everything looks so shaggy and unkempt, but then, presto, it is all groomed and lovely.

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