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Book Sale Weekend
3:32 p.m. - 2007-04-21

Today there were two library book sales, so Melissa and the spouse accompanied me to both. I got a few cookbooks and some novels to read, and Melissa found a hardback copy of the newest Artemis Fowl! After that, we dropped him off at home so he could putter in the garden, and we went to have a Chinese lunch. But woe is us, we found out that our favorite longtime restaurant is closing down at the end of next month! They are going to have a big sale of their fixtures, and I am going to try to buy a menu as a souvenir. We have been going there for years and years. Sob.

He has been weeding the humongous sticker grass weeds that sprang up between the bricks and paving stones over the winter, and when Melissa and I came home from Chinese, it looked ten thousand times better. I got the pruning shears and started in trimming all the shrubbery and tree limbs that overhang the yard from the neighbors' yard, and I find that I really like cutting things to bits. After that, I went to the back of the yard to hack at the ivy a bit, and found that it is easy to decimate the ivy with just a little hack and slash action. I am surprised that ivy has not taken over the entire world, since it grows so fast. California Kudzu. We cannot just dig it all up, because besides the incredible amount of work that would be, the ivy trunks are the only things holding the fence up.

I have cut out a summer top and am ready to start sewing. It will be nice to make something simple without buttons for a change.

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