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April Showers
3:11 p.m. - 2007-04-22

So last year, the powers-that-be at church tried to get the then-pastor, who had been there for years and years, to shorten the sermon and some other things, and no one knows what happened except those involved, but the pastor up and quit. Now we have a new pastor and there is still a lot of bad feeling around. The ironic thing is that the new guy is also very verbose and the services are as long as ever, so the deacons have not succeeded in that goal anyway. Well, the new guy has been there only a month or two (or three or four) and today announced that he snapped a tendon in his foot and has to have surgery, requiring him to have bed rest for at least a month. The injury was the result of one of those church baseball games where middleaged guys leap around pretending they are young again and risk their life and limb in the process.

Another rainy day in the sunshine state. It is supposed to be sunny the rest of the week, but who knows what will happen in this wierd weather year. Today I was out and about buying Abby a book on CD (Harry Potter, Half Blood Prince) and fainting at the price. I was going to buy several, but if they cost $75 apiece, apparently not. I also dragged my self to Costco to get a few items he requested, like trash bags, and consoled myself with the plan to buy myself one of their super cheap hot dogs as a treat. When it came time to check out, I totally forgot to tell the cashier to ring up the hot dog, so did not get one.

Today I was also going to start sewing the summer top I cut out the other day, but the tax season caught up with him and he is zonked out in bed taking a well-deserved nap, so I cannot go sew in there. I will just get that green yarn and start knitting ribbing for a new sweater.

Here is the Sunday dinner report: potroast, baked sweet potatoes and homemade applesauce.

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