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Kindred Spirits
9:10 a.m. - 2007-04-30

Strange experience at church this week. There is a man at church who has been chatting me up, and he is one of those people who has no concept of personal space; you know, he gets way too close so that you back away. He has pretty much ignored me for 20 years and is now very friendly, even with his wife sitting right there. Anyhow, he cornered me during a pause in the service and hinted that he wanted to continue chatting afterwards, so I spent the time planning my escape. Luckily, the service was long, so the minute it ended, I gathered my stuff and headed to the front instead of out to the back. I happened to pass the new pastors wife, who waved at me, so I inquired after the health of her spouse, since he is at present out sick. She noticed the shirt I was wearing and asked if I sewed.

I told her that I sewed a lot, and it turns out that she does, too. She asked what kind of sewing machine I had, and when I admitted that I have 6 machines, she laughed and said she did too. We compared machine models, and wow, she has two commercial machines and a serger! We talked about fabric shops and smocking and our teaching experiences, so we were both surprised at how much we had in common. In addition to which, this chatting allowed time for everyone to exit the church, giving me time to slink away and avoid the chatty man.

After I got home, I told the hubster that I wasn't going to church without him anymore, since I obviously need backup.

Continuing the weird theme, it looks as if someone has managed to burn up and collapse one of the freeways over by IKEA in Emeryville. The paper this morning is full of the disaster, and traffic, never wonderful in the best of times, is sure to be a nightmare for some time to come. Of course, this state has more experience than most in disasters of this kind, though usually it is a freak of nature, not a freak of bad driving. I remember that several years ago the same sort of thing happened in the Berkeley tunnel, but that time people got killed, and this time only the truck driver was hurt.

In garden news, we dug up two more beds and planted out the onions. Still lots more work to be done, but it is really starting to look good back there.

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