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Sunday Lunch
9:52 a.m. - 2007-05-21

Saturday was an errands day, taking Abby over to Lafayette to the booksale there, then on to the grocery store to get supplies for Sunday lunch. I invited the EG's over to see their granddaughters, and I made meatballs and gravy, noodles, zucchini, pumpkin/cranberry muffins, and freshly-made bread. I found that making the meatballs the day before, then just simmering them in gravy after you get home from church is very convenient. EG brought a delicious fruit salad. The muffins were very very good, another winner from the King Arthur Whole Grains cookbook. So far, they are batting 1000.

I need to get started on another sewing project, but since I don't feel like it, I will just have to use a little willpower. Sometimes the enthusiasm doesn't develop until after I get the project started. I also need to get back into my exercise program, which has been hit and miss, but mostly miss, this year so far.

I was reading a new-to-me mystery series that takes place in Palm Springs, since we had been there for a conference last fall. The book I started, Desert Summer, had a fairly good mystery, but I just did not like the heroine, since she was in her fifties but was having an affair with one of her students, who was in his late twenties. Yuk, gag, that is just unseemly. All the other characters are likeable, but if the main character repulses, the book suffers greatly.

Now I am going to head outside to start some new seed cubes and plant basil and cucumbers.

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