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Moving On Up
6:44 p.m. - 2007-06-04

Abby has found a new apartment on the peninsula near to her new employment. She went out with a company person this Saturday to look at available apartments, then we all drove over on Sunday to see the place she liked the best. There seemed to be many people trying for the same apartment, and no wonder, it has hardwood floors, lots of charm, and is a corner unit with lots of closets and windows. I have never seen so many closets in an apartment, including an under-the-stair cupboard in which she could stash Harry Potter. It is a small complex with only about 10 apartments in a really lovely upscale neighborhood. Today we got the call that she had gotten the apartment. Now she is all excited to get to IKEA and start getting some furnishings.

On Sunday, before all this driving over to the Peninsula, we drove to Modesto to deliver a desk and bookshelf to my nephew, JTFM. These are items from the estate of Pastor B, and we are gradually whittling down the contents of his storage unit and distributing the items. I was amused to see that JTFM had his computer on a small, very short end table in the "office" and was sitting on a small child's chair to use it, so he can really use the desk.

In other news, Amanda is off to Ireland with a group from her college. I am not sure if nursing is involved in the trip at all, just know that Auntie M took her to the airport on Friday.

Today I am enjoying a rare evening alone, while Abby and her dad make another quick trip to the peninsula to hand in the first and last month's rent and deposit money to secure the abode.I think I will have a wild time eating soup and knitting socks.

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