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Glare of the Noonday Sun
2:54 p.m. - 2007-06-14

The beautiful elongated spring is now over. Yesterday it was 106 on the back patio. Luckily, the nights are still bearable as the fog comes in, but I realized that if I was ever going to buy a little AC unit for the back bedroom I had better do it quickly. Merchandise is very seasonal, and AC's are only in stock during the spring and sell out quickly. Yesterday's hot temperatures scared me into action, and I rushed out and bought a little unit (the last one in the store). Now he will have to cut a piece of plywood to fill in above the unit in the window, but after that we should be set for the summer.

I have been trying to sew a little and knit a little. Well, I have been trying to sew a lot and knit a lot but it turns out to be a little. Lots of rushing around, shopping, and family business these last two weeks, but in about two weeks the baby girl will be moved into her own apartment and starting her new job. At that point, I will be able to reclaim the knitting machine and spread my stuff around again.

In upcoming events, there is a library book sale this weekend and a pattern sale of Butterick patterns on Sunday. In addition, I want to take a drive out to the country during the season that the daylilies are blooming. We could take the EG's out for a drive and go up to Amador County where there is a daylily farm. Also, the thought of spending all day in an air conditioned car appeals to me right now.

There certainly is a lack of good TV this summer season. We are waiting for Monk to come back, but I am missing my Amazing Race and Survivor, and he is missing his 24 and Jericho. This leads to book reading. I am now in the middle of 'The Language of Baklava' by Diana Abu-Jaber, and it is the best book I have read in a long time. Not only is she a fabulous writer telling a great story, but there are good recipes too! My current book-on-tape is Dead Watch by John Sandford, and I am enjoying that as well.

The garden has started producing. We are picking summer squash and sugar snap peas along with lots of dill that came up on its own. I am trying to get some more seeds started but it is difficult in the hot weather which is not kind to tiny plants.

In honor of the hot weather, we are having a simple do-it-yourself sandwich dinner to avoid using the stove.

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