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Cross Ventilation
9:20 a.m. - 2007-06-16

After suffering through two days of over 100 degree temps, the breeze started up last evening. By 8:00 we were able to open up and let the cool foggy breeze sweep the hot air out of the house. This morning the temp was in the low 60's, so the spouse and I decided to open the new sliding glass door at the end of the living room for the first time, inaugurating the first cross ventilation in years. I so love the new doors.

The temperature in the house was close to 80 this morning, but after opening the door, it dropped to the high 60's.

This has encouraged the spouse in his resolve to buy one of those screen doors that are hidden until you slide them out. We saw some on HGTV and at Dennis M's house in Reno. It would be just the thing for the french doors in the family room, and not even very expensive. Right now he and Abby are off on a bike ride to Almond River over the bike path. It works out to be a 17 mile round trip, but they break it up by having muffins and beverages at Hubcaps Diner. They come back full of complaints about the stupidity of the other people who use the bike path, mostly the affluent, 'we own the world' types who live in Almond River. Apparently, these folk walk four abreast across the path, blocking the bike riders and looking annoyed when you narrowly miss running over their inconsiderate selves. Spouse and Ab are also full of laughter and derision for the FR folk, by which they mean those bike riders in Full Regalia, those tight little pants, flashy tight tops and helmets pointy in the back. So I guess the bike ride is exercise and entertainment combined.

I am so glad that it is cooler that I am going to try and sew a little and finally finish up that green shirt I have been making for Melissa. Just about all I have left is the hem and buttons.

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