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9:01 a.m. - 2007-07-05

We got the youngest daughter all moved in. Her new apartment on the peninsula is a lovely retro place with hardwood floors, that little arched niche for the telephone, the ironing board that folds down out of the wall, and a nicely done-over kitchen and bath. The neighborhood is nice, and the view out her windows is also lovely. She started her new job as a scientist where she will be doing something or other with cell cultures, so now both girls are launched. I spent the next day cleaning up her room and moving my stuff back in there.

Yesterday was the 4th, and for the first time in adult memory, I skipped the fireworks. We drove there and parked, but it was just too hot for me, so we gave up and came home. I hope I get patriotic credit for trying anyway. In the afternoon, we had been out to C & S's place in west county for a BBQ. I took some homemade applesauce, since I still have tons in the freezer and the apples out back are ripe again. C made ribs on his BBQ grill and also corn-on-the-cob. I don't think I have ever eaten corn cooked on a grill before, and it was really delicious. He said he soaked it in butter before grilling, and that can't hurt the taste of anything.

C & S are always making improvements to their house which is interesting to see. This year they have new pergolas on the sunny side of the house, and I never would have believed how pretty those could be, even from inside the house. They had a guest room that was glarey and too bright, and now with the pergola outside the window, it looks lovely, cool and gardenlike.

Today is Melissa's birthday. We got her a fancy Krups coffemaker that makes espresso and coffee drinks, because the girl loves her Starbucks, and a monkey cookie jar and kitchen towels. I also had a skein of Lorna's Laces sock yarn that I purchased for her at Stitches in an interesting blue/green/purple muted colorway.

I am back on the knitting machine continuing my design study for the 3/4 sleeve sweater. This version is done in a soft green with scoop neck cardigan front and lace panels. Hopefully, if I make Melissa half a dozen sweaters, my stash will shrink to manageable levels. Or not.

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