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By The Sea
8:47 a.m. - 2007-07-16

The spouse reminded me on Wednesday that we were going to Carmel on Friday. He had to be down there for business, and I was just going along for the ride. The day was gorgeous with a nice breeze, and the bay was looking crisp and blue. I dropped him off at the offices, then drove out to the yarn shop, Knitting-By-The-Sea. I like this shop, which gets points for being in beautiful Carmel, and I found some nice sock yarn. After that, I drove around, mostly up and down Lighthouse Avenue, stopping in Pacific Grove to look at an antique mall, at used book stores, and other places of interest. I found a really nice shop called Olio which sells vintage items, and I picked up some retro patterns, and a new table cloth (from The Red and White Kitchen) with a map of the US on it.

Melissa drove over to the peninsula to see Abby's new apartment, and they went to IKEA to get Ab some furniture. She bought shelves, a corner TV table, coffee table, end tables, and kitchen table and chairs. She already has most of it put together already, she says. Her sofa is on order from Lazy Boy.

I am starting up the South Beach Diet again and doing my exercises. This is in addition to the creative period I seem to be going through, sewing and making sweaters right and left, so hopefully, it will last.

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