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Oh, There It Is!
5:58 p.m. - 2007-07-17

Let's see, what the heck am I doing this week? Well, I knit another sweater and am putting the bands on it now. To help with that effort, I went to the library to pick up the movie I had ordered, but it was not out there on the hold shelf yet. When I came home, I looked up on the library site to check on it, and could see that it is now supposed to be there. They must have put it out while I was driving home, so I will have to go back tomorrow to get it. This is a movie that Melissa recommended to me, Kinky Boots. She says it is an English movie and very funny, all about a guy who inherits a shoe factory and decides to switch to making, well, kinky boots, for a more flamboyant section of society. It sounds good so I ordered it.

I am drowning in produce over here. I did the plums, I did the apricots, I am picking zucchini and cucumbers, and now I have about a bushel of apples and the same of peaches to do something with. I worked half of yesterday on the apples making applesauce, but I still have a huge box and bag left to do. The applesauce is good though.

In crochet news, the walkabout afghan bag has been found. It disappeared for awhile, so I thought I had left the tote bag full of afghan-making goodness over my dad's house, but no, it was not there. I found it this morning in the sewing room on the standard knitting machine under some stuff. So now I have made a few more squares. I remember how I said that I would probably be done with it by the end of June, har har, but I didn't count on hurting my thumb. I can only make a square or two a day now.

Today I watched Mostly Martha, a German movie. I had seen it before but the library video I checked out was a little old and scratchy. I was pleased to see that now they have a nice new DVD of this movie. I had suspected, watching the ads for the new movie, No Reservations, that it was based on the Mostly Martha movie, and it turns out it was. I love the German version and will have to go see the new one when it is released.

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