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Up A Ladder
3:22 p.m. - 2007-07-22

OK, I am officially tired of fruit - picking it, storing it, peeling it, boiling it, freezing it, but not eating it. I still have lots of apples to boil down into applesauce, but I put a major dent in the peaches by making syrup for them and freezing quarts of them in ziplock bags. There were still lots of gorgeous apples at the top of the tall tree, so the hubster got out the HUGE ladder and held it while I scampered up a good ten or twelve feet off the ground to pick the rest. I used a lovely Celtic tote bag Melissa gave me slung around my neck to hold the apples. There are still some out there, but the squirrels can have them because I am done. Today the peaches, tomorrow more applesauce, then maybe pears in a few weeks.

Not much of anything going on around here but the reading of Harry Potter. I did take Melissa down to the Container Store to get some storage containers to neaten up her room at Jason's. He wants to hire a cleaning person, like Merry Maids, but of course wants the house to look spiffy while interviewing them so wants M's room to be cleaned up. To this end, we got some plastic containers and a cube shelf unit and some stick-on hooks for the door.

It is going to be hot today so I am finishing up the peaches and going to go read my HP in front of the fan until time to fix Sunday dinner in an hour.

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