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Stressful Week
6:21 p.m. - 2007-08-03

Lots of alarm and excitement this week when my dad took a fall on the driveway. Of course, he picked the only time that day when I was gone to the grocery store and wasn't there to take his call. Luckily, this is the week that Joel is on vacation so he was able to rush over and take my dad to the hospital. We were all so relieved when the doctors patched him up and sent him home. I went over this morning to take him to the doctor for a checkup, and while he was getting into the car, the neighbor who had helped him came by, and I was able to thank him sincerely. This man had seen my dad lying on the driveway, unable to rise and had rushed home to get his son so that they could help my dad into the house. So now my dad has had a few stitches on his forehead but is otherwise fine. When people inquire about his bandage and black eye, he tells them he was in a bar fight. Mostly, he says, they just laugh and don't believe him, and rightly so.

I am almost done with the knitting part of the grey sweater, just have one more sleeve to knit. Melissa stopped by on her way home from work, and we talked about making a narrower sleeve for future projects. This means a descent into math hell because charting a set-in sleeve involves geometry with the square of the hypotenuse equaling the square of the two sides etc etc. I will have to find the page where I wrote down the instructions and give it another try.

We are really enjoying the new show, Burn Notice. Sharon Gless is on the show as the hero's mother, and she is excellent. The hero is not bad to look at either. Not much to watch this summer season except for Monk, Psych, and Burn Notice.

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