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Benicia Saturday
1:40 p.m. - 2007-08-11

Pretty good weekend so far. We went to the Peddler's Fair in Benicia this morning, swinging by to collect Melissa and Jellie. Since we got there a little after 8 am, the crowds were not too big but the booths were many. We walked around, taking a detour at F Street to show Jellie the apartment the spouse and I used to live in back in the olden days. At first I wasn't sure I was on the right street since the huge empty lot/sunken hole that used to be on the corner is now filled with a big attractive building. I guess things can change in 30 years. I love that town.

I did not buy much except for a present for the Abster and some vintage sewing patterns. One lady had a small pile of 8 patterns from the 1950s, so I asked how much they were. When I heard that she was only asking $1 apiece, I took them all. When I got home, I looked them up on Google, and some are worth $20 apiece, the others are too rare to be out there for sale. So I was happy. I also found some 1950s vintage patterns at the thrift store this week, and they were only 25 cents each. One was a very nice man's shirt pattern in just the size the spouse wears. It will be interesting to sew it and read the instructions to see the sewing methods of 50 years ago.

Lots of Bakelite at the Peddler's Fair. Oh, I love Bakelite but can't ever afford it. I have one little pin that was my mom's, but that is all. We then looked for the library to use their facilities, since the one that used to be downtown back in the day isn't there anymore. The spouse had heard that they had built a new one, but it took awhile to find it and lo, they were having a booksale. A huge huge venue stuffed with cheap books. I just got three knitting books but Melissa got 10 5-for-a-dollar paperbacks.

After this, we headed out of town and were not surprised to see the traffic backed up for miles at the toll plaza, luckily on the other side of the freeway. The Peddler's Fair always draws a big crowd. Getting up early was totally worth the effort. The event starts at 8:00 but most people do not turn out until much later in the day. We went to Martinez to have lunch at the Bulldog BBQ. I got the sumptuous ribs, and Melissa and Spouse had brisket, while the Bean got a BLT. I was looking at one of my knitting paperbacks and accidently dropped it into Beany's potato salad. The book survives for 50 years, then I own it for 20 minutes and drop it into potato salad. No harm was done that wasn't quickly remedied, but it was funny. We then dropped the Bean off at home, and drove Melissa to Jason's, waving to the menfolk in the driveway who were hacking up the old couch to be hauled away.

Now he is out back digging out the tree stump, and I am going to knit on the new sock, a Tofutsies sock of gorgeous color.

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