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Where's the Fog When You Really Need It?
10:27 p.m. - 2007-09-01

The hot hot weather goes on and on and on. I'm the witch of the west. I pity the poor kids in the schools, which aren't famous for the amount of AC they have. Too hot to sew, too hot to knit much. Too hot to cook, so we are getting really tired of sandwiches.

Not too hot to knit socks though. I am almost done with the first Tofutsie sock. I am getting a little nervous at how fast I am using up the yarn. I will be very disappointed and angry if I don't have enough, since the ball was quite expensive. Oh well, no sense borrowing trouble before it happens.

So I spend the days parked in front of fans, drinking water and trying not to die of heatstroke. Today we gave up and went to the movies for the afternoon. We saw No Reservations, which I really enjoyed. It was nearly identical to Mostly Martha for the first half, but they cut out the father part, and the part about the lady chef not really wanting the responsibility of a child and trying to palm her off onto the father. But still an excellent movie, though C. Zeta Jones bent a little too closely over the food and did not seem comfortable with handling it.

My main job during this heatwave, besides surviving, is to keep the yard watered and keep the water in the birdbath fresh for the many birds that are desperate for a drink. We must have the only water around available to them, because we have lots and lots of different birds visiting the yard. I keep some binoculars on the kitchen table and watch them through the french doors.

Too hot to type, I am going to go sit in front of the Vornado.

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