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Evil Crochet Hook
11:42 a.m. - 2007-09-03

I should just give up on neatness and live in healthy sloth because every time I try to clean up I hurt myself somehow. Today I was going to wash my 'Out and About' knitting tote, so I was transferring the contents to another bag. Somehow or other a small gauge crochet hook upended itself and my hand came right down on it, completely skewering my hand between the little finger and the wrist from side to side of the fleshy part of the palm. My immediate thought was 'Oh heck, now my holiday will be shot while I waste it in the emergency room!'. I don't get many puncture wounds so I didn't know what to do about it. I called Kaiser to talk to the nurse, who told me my tetanus was up to date and what to do to my hand, and hallelujah I didn't have to go in! So now I am bandaged up and feeling fine. For such a dramatic injury, there is very little pain or interference with movement. But the nurse told me to pack away the killer crochet hook.

I finished the first Tofutsie sock and started right in on the next one. Melissa says that in her considered and expert opinion I will definitely have enough yarn, so I am feeling more cheerful about the whole thing.

Yesterday we went to dinner over to the EG's. Susie and C & S were there too. Abby drove in from the Peninsula. We had a great time with lots of computer talk and good food. I gave Grandpa the double-handled soup bowls I got him in Vegas, and he was quite pleased. We heard that Susie is going to fly out to Massachusetts to visit C & S at their place on Cape Cod, which is very nice since she hasn't traveled much in her adult life so it will be an adventure.

S told me that G & R are having lots of alarms over the health problems of the new baby. Apparently she stops breathing from time to time, turns bluish, then starts up again. The docs have said it is nothing to worry about and that she will grow out of it, but my, how scary. It happened first when G was there alone with the kids, and he called 911 et al. Parenthood, one heart attack after another.

They are tinkering with the computers at the spouse's workplace and our computer, which is linked to the office, is acting strangely. The internet will conk out anytime it feels like it, so we are hoping they get their act together and fix it. I will end this off before it conks again, hopefully.

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