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Nothing Much
4:03 p.m. - 2007-09-05

More hot muggy days. We were noticing, though, that the back lawn looks a lot better this year now that I am home to water it more than usual. Usual used to be looking out and noticing that it was turning brown, then watering. In other yard news, he finally got the big stump out of the ground, the leftovers from the late lamented pine tree that was taken down several years ago. He gradually dug a huge hole in the backyard around the stump, then sawed away at the wood part until he got most of it out. Now he has to put the dirt back in and think about what to do with the area when the work is done. I am glad it is almost done because it has been going on for months with dirt and mud tracked all over the yard and into the garage and on the porch. When this project is done, he can attack the ever-encroaching ivy again.

Still working on the Tofutsie socks. Things are going slower since I gored my hand, but at least they are still going. I am also sewing a little bit on a shirt for Abby, though it is too hot to sit in the back room for long.

I am trying to get more organized in the food department. Sometimes it feels that there is just nothing to eat in the house in spite of a full fridge, freezer and cupboards. This is because it is too hot to cook much. Today I bought a giant can of green beans at the Costco and plan to make a huge batch of three-bean salad. That way there will at least be one vegetable for me to eat that involves no effort on my part.

I used to make knit dresses for the Bean when she was small. They were really fast to make, very wearable, and super cute. I should get out some of my knit fabrics that have been rejected by the girls as too cutesy (such as the one with kitty cats all over it)and make some dresses for Lydia for Christmas, and maybe a sweater for Ivan.

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