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September Noon
12:37 p.m. - 2007-09-19

I had great plans to attend the TKGA knitting convention with Melissa, and to start my fitting class, but all fell by the wayside when the spouse reminded me that we have to attend a business meeting that day. Bummer. I totally forgot about it. It is one of those things that the spouse of the employee has to go to too and be social and charming. So not my forte. But on the plus side, this means that I will have more money for the SF trip to the fabric store, when that happens.

The weather here has cooled off, finally, and is starting to feel like fall. I broke out the Trekking orange yarn in celebration and started a new pair of socks. I am going to make the Hanauma Bay socks, which pattern I have liked for a long time, having once been to the real Hanauma Bay. I even still own a T-shirt embroidered with the same name.

Let me see, what interesting thing can I write about ironing shirts and scrubbing the bathrooms? Not much, which is a telling commentary on the wonders of housework. I am trying to try new recipes, though, having already made some risotto for the first time. I looked up a recipe in my America's Test Kitchen Best Recipe book and tried it out. It was decidedly yummy. I can see why people like it, and it was easy to make as long as you have the Arborio rice (Trader Joe's).

I have also been doing my exercises with regularity. I do the weights every other day and something aerobic on the days in between. Last night the spouse and I took a walk to the elementary school. It has been years since I was out that way to take the girls to school. I see that many houses have been spiffed up, and they have put a fence up along the back of the school where it joins the park. I remember how the extreme openness of the school bothered me after that horrible school shooting in Stockton, but it looks like they keep the school locked up during school hours now. The ball wall is still there, though they have long since painted over the mural that Melissa helped paint there.

Grandpa has celebrated his 85th birthday at G & R's house. Craig asked us for our email addresses, so he now sends a notice when he uploads new pictures, which is quite handy. I see that the new family member, L, has outgrown her newborn look and is now very cute, red hair and all. It is fun to sew dresses for redheads. I once made a pale apricot-colored dress with lace and aqua ribbons for my niece.

I have stalled long enough so must now go lift weights.

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