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Fabric Buying Moratorium Is Now Over
10:44 a.m. - 2007-09-25

We had a very nice field trip on Sunday, jaunting to the Peninsula and into the City. I picked up Melissa and Jane and Jellie around 11:30 on Sunday morning and we set out to January's house following the directions I had printed out the day before. Now, I have been to January's house many times but usually as a passenger, so I needed to know the freeway numbers so that I would not turn off and end up in Half Moon Bay or whatnot. We got there in good time, but January was not home, having run out for gasoline. While we waited for her, Allan gave us the grand tour and we admired all the changes that have been done to the house since we last saw it, including a newly refurbished grand staircase and railing. When January came back, we set out to the City to try out a new fabric outlet. We fought our way through the city traffic and made it to the outskirts of the Castro, on Clement Street. The parking is absolutely terrible there, and by great good luck we found one tiny spot two blocks away, which I maneuvered into easily because of my Mad Parking Skillz. I don't have that many driving skills so have to brag about the only one I do have. I am the Queen of Parallel Parking. Most of my passengers were starving by that time so we ate a brunch in the restaurant across the street, then went over to Fabrix. The shop is smaller than it looks in the internet picture, but we managed to get some cotton knit, shirt fabric, and great batik.

After this we fought our way out of the City. Really, I don't know how people get used to the hassles of urban life what with the filth, danger, and above all, ghastly traffic and parking. I will take good old suburbia any day. We stopped in at Abby's apartment so that Jane and Jellie could see it, and were greeted with cookies fresh from the oven, which we devoured rapidly, all the while chatting and passing along our legacy of family gossip and scandal to the younger generations.

Yesterday we got a call from EG that Grandpa is in the hospital overnight while they check out what is going on. Apparently he had a dizzy spell, so we are waiting to see what the story is there.

In other yesterday news, Monday night is shaping up to be a spendid TV night. We watched the new NBC lineup, and were favorably impressed with Chuck, and though the spouse was too tired to stay awake past 10:00, I watched Journeyman and really liked that too. And, of course, Heros is the tasty filling in that enjoyable TV sandwich.

It is now time to do my nonfavorite thing, housework, and I seem to be out of milk, so better go buy some.

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