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Tired and Getting Older
10:14 p.m. - 2007-10-07

Well, this weekend wasn't exactly exciting, though we did take a drive up to Sebastopol with the girls to get some apples. We were starving after awhile, but the place we planned to eat at was mobbed, so we ended up having lunch in Calistoga at some chi chi grill, and those that got burgers said they were very good. I got a BBQ sandwich, and it was indeed good, as well it should be for the shocking $10 price tag. That night we attended Joel's birthday dinner which was tamales, taquitos, enchilada pie, salad and ice cream with toppings. However, I was really really tired and worn out so I just ate a little and then crawled home to bed. Oh, wait, somewhere in there all the women and girls played a new-to-me board game called Apples To Apples and that was very fun. It was also nice having Abby home for the weekend.

Today I spent the morning taping Abby up. We are making another dressform. When I asked what she wants to name it, she said 'Betty', so we will shortly have one Madame Merp and one Betty. The spouse has set aside a big stack of newspapers for me to shred up to stuff the new dressform. After the taping was finished, Abby left to drive back to her apartment, and the spouse and I climbed up on the roof to finish our preparations for the winter. We have been installing a very wide sheet of flashing over the sliding glass door, and today we put on the caulking and the corrugated metal roofing sheet to keep rain off the back porch. After that, I ran out of energy, so I just read my book.

Hopefully this week will see the last vestiges of my cold die off so that I can get my energy back and get busy with the sewing and knitting. I am starting another sweater which will have the fronts knitted by hand so that I can incorporate a wide cable panel from my Barbara Walker cable book, and the rest of the pieces will be knit by machine. It will be another 3/4 length sleeve cardigan.

My birthday is coming up this week, and Melissa said that a package was being delivered to our house, but for me not to open it, as it was my birthday present. I was pleased to see that the package was from KnitPicks, so I think that a happy birthday is a foregone conclusion!

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