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9:11 p.m. - 2007-10-12

Another week goes by. This week included my birthday on Tuesday. I woke up that morning wanting an adventure, so I left early to drive all the way down to San Jose to visit the Japanese store. Traffic luck was with me all day, in that the huge traffic jams were all on the other side of the freeway. Once at the store, I found the craft and needlework section easily, though it was once again in a different part of the store. I asked about the Mrs. Stylebook magazine which bloggers online have written about, but alas, they were out of stock and not due to get any for a month. However, I did have the fun of taking my time and going through all the publications. I found a gorgeous stitch pattern book, knitting magazine, and a pattern drafting magazine for shirts and blouses. There were also some terrific crochet booklets and purse-making booklets, but these Japanese magazines are not cheap, and I had used up my funds. On the way home, the traffic was completely stalled around Alamo, but it was on the other side of the freeway, again. There was a big fire on the hillside and the firemen were busy putting it out. If cars in Santa Rosa can back up traffic just because of a pumpkin patch, you can imagine how backed up it was when there was a real fire, firetruck, and brave firemen.

I was tired when I got home, so spent the afternoon of my birthday productively by taking a nap. That evening, the spouse took me out to a lovely restaurant in a nearby town, where we had steaks. The restaurant, finding out that it was my birthday, gave me a free dessert which I split with the husband.

I was all set to finally attend the fitting class, but I got a call this morning that it was canceled because the instructor was sick. So I am still waiting on that. At least I got all the supplies together.

Auntie M came down today for my birthday dinner, and we all went to the library booksales. I would point out good books for her to buy, like Have Your Cake And Eat It Too, and The Readers Digest Sewing Book. I found some autographed Marcella Hazan Italian cookbooks and lots of good videos. Lots of people must be dumping their video collections as they replace them with DVDs, so I am able to buy some lovely ones for only $1. I may go back tomorrow for the bag sale, when you can buy all the books you can stuff into a grocery bag for $2 a bag.

It poured buckets today. Here I was, telling myself that there was probably a drought on the way, and there are downpours the very next day. Psychic I am not.

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