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Bag Sales
4:55 p.m. - 2007-10-14

Last night was my birthday dinner at Jason's. I had my choice of dinner, and I chose my usual, hamburger in gravy over new potatoes with sauteed corn, broccoli, and apple crisp with ice cream. Abby made the corn and the crisp and they were very very good. The girls gave me most excellent presents, a gift certificate to have my hair styled at a nice salon, sock needles from KnitPicks(!), yarn, and a DVD of Dreamgirls. I just love Dreamgirls because my mom and I went to see the stage production in SF about 22 years ago.

Before all that happened, though, Auntie M and I went to the bag sale at the library. For $2 or $3, depending on the library, they hand you a grocery bag and let you stuff in as many books as you can. The most I have been able to get in the bag is 33 paperbacks of various sizes in addition to several other hardbacks. That makes them less than 10 cents apiece. I go to stock up paperbacks to take on vacation trips, and because I am just greedy for books. This time, though, I also got a few cookbooks. Today was another bag sale at the other library, and it was totally mobbed. I came away with a ton of paperbacks, including many by Ellis Peters, who I have never read before.

Auntie M came over on Saturday afternoon, and we spent an hour or so on the knitting machine. She now has the same model that I do, so I was able to show her how it works and to let her knit for a bit. I hope she gets going on her machine, because I would love to see what she makes.

Today I am making spaghetti for Sunday dinner with side dishes of cauliflower and that green bean dish from Everyday Italian on the Food Channel. It smells great in here. Better go stir my sauce.

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